Sam Adams: Big Boi, Boobs, Burnett and Baby Breakdancers at Pitchfork

July 20th, 2010

Went to see Big Boi (AKA the guy in Outkast who didn’t do the song about Polaroids) at Pitchfork the other day.

Put on a great show, pulling out just as many Outkast classics as stuff from his solo career. The crowd loved it.

But I think there was one pretty off-color moment that went over their heads. Shortly after Bombs over Bagdhad, 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett showed up on the side of the stage. He seemed to be enjoying the music, showing some pretty conservative bobbing rhythm. Well, at least until Big Boi and his hype-man started asking girls in the crowd to expose themselves.

“Show yo racks!” They chanted over that song they play at Bulls games as the alderman hung his head and stared at the stage with a look of bitter displeasure. “I don’t see no titties, man,” muttered the hype man. “Y’all bullshit.”

(Note to Benny J – what’s the name of that song? You know the one — where there’s a buildup and the whole crowd shouts: “hey!”)

Okay, a little misogyny from a rapper at a rock concert – nothing new, right? But it was probably more the timing and context that made the alderman frown.

In the same breath as the “titties” rant, Big Boi’s hype man let Big Boi know that “I got a little fan club of yours backstage.”

That pumped the audience up. “Here come the titties,” they were probably thinking. At least Hooters girls, right?

Enter a group of roughly 8-10 year old breakdancers.

Smooth, Big Boi — real smooth. Now you know why Burnett was pissed.

Here’s that video and some photos from the event, taken with a point-and-shoot because supposedly Pitchfork Media has the authority to tell Chicagoans that they aren’t allowed to bring cameras with detachable lenses into a public park.

Video link:

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos….

1_showyorack“Show yo rack!”

2_freecondoms...Free condoms: The New Beachball….

3_whatsararcmommyQ: “What’s a rack, mommy?” A: “A country in the Middle East. And don’t play with the balloons….”

4_Iknowbigboi“I know Big Boi asked the ladies, but I’m an equal opportunity kind of guy….”

5_crowdcontrolCrowd Control….

6_plentyofthisPlenty of this going around….

7_bakedhotdogBaked Hotdog….

8_sheshouldteachhermanShe should teach her man a thing or two about style….

9_frisbeedanceFrisbee Dance….

10_Yourenotallowed“You can’t use a camera in your public park, but we’ll record you all day!”

By Sam Adams

Editor’s Note: When last seen, Sam was thinking about Twilight while taking up jogging. By the way, the Bulls song in question is Gary Glitter’s Rock `n Roll (Part 1 & 2)….

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