Sol.: Damn Kids Part II

November 13th, 2010

Editor’s Note: To fully appreciate this post, make sure you read Damn Kids Part I….

We asked the father to step out of the room and we gave him the news: We’d have to start an I.V. because his son was dehydrated from the fever and the vomiting.

He agreed, but I could tell he was worried about catching another ass whipping from his son. And then he went back into the room, while Darlene and I remained in the hallway.

That brief fifteen-minute exchange took some energy out of us, and now we had to go back in and stick him with a needle? We needed a moment to compose ourselves and plan our attack before going back into battle with the little devil.

“Alright, Sol. — no messing around this time,” she said. “I’m not going to take another one to the stomach from the little runt.”

“Here’s what we do,” I said, determined not to let the brat get the best of me. “We go straight in and jump on the demon child. No sweet talking like last time.”

“Fine — just make sure you hold him down,” she said. “I don’t want to stick you or myself messing with this kid.”

“I’ll go straight in and pin him to the cart. You just do you thing.”

We stood just outside of the room, behind the curtain. We could hear his father talking to him. The kid had stopped crying and screaming. He spoke calmly. But that would end the second he saw us.

We looked at each other.

“You ready, Sol.?”

I took a deep breath and said: “Let’s go.”

The kid sort of reminded me of the girl in The Exorcist….

I swung the curtain open and charged.

At the sight of a 6’1, 240 pound man rushing him, the kid was too stunned to react. By the time he realized what was happening, I had my left forearm on his chest, and my right one just above his knees, pressing his legs into the cart.

“Hold his head,” I instructed the father.

Darlene swung in and grabbed his right arm, applied the tourniquet and looked for a vein.

When she brought out the needle the kid realized exactly what was going on.

“No shot, please!  Please!” he screamed.

But it was useless. He couldn’t fight. He was pinned to the cart.

“Sol.,” said Darlene. “I found one — hold on tight!”

“No! No!” screamed the kid. “Daddy, save me!”

“Here we go, kid,” said Darlene. “One-two-three….”

“WHOAAAAA SHHHHITTT,” he screamed in agony, as the needle went in. “Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Darlene secured the I.V., sat back, looked up at me and smiled.

I released my hold on the kid, backed off and smiled back.

Satisfied with a job well done, about a minute had passed before we realized we were both smiling like a couple of jerks after terrorizing this nine-year-old kid.

Walking out of the room, I felt a little ashamed.

Then a few minutes later, we heard a scream come from the kid’s mother. I ran back to the room to see what was happening.

There the little bastard stood — an evil grin on his face — with blood everywhere. He had ripped his I.V. out.

Damn kids….

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