No Blaise: Say My Name

November 15th, 2010

I’m going into my third month at the good old day care center. And nothing has really changed.

Actually, that’s a lie. Most of the babies who once could be plopped on the carpet with no fear that they’d make a run, or crawl, for it because they couldn’t move, are now moving.

Yay! They’re growing up! Ugh..

I know I should be really pumped about child development since, after all, my place of employment is dedicated to it. But the fact that I am now outnumbered by babies, who will crawl out the door if I don’t keep a close eye, is disturbing.

Something else that bothers me is that not one child at the center knows my name.

No, I do not mean the babies in my room. Kids at the center can be as old as five.

You might attempt to comfort me with — Oh, but No Blaise, they’re not in your room. How could you possibly expect them to know your name?

Because I’ve tried to teach it to them on numerous occasions.

I know what they’re going through….

Like the conversation, where I said: “What’s your name? Oh, really? Well do you know my name?”

Or the one where I said: “Bet you can’t guess my name!”

Or this one: “Hey, Noah, my name sounds just like your name! Do you know what it is?”

And so on.

I could accept them never learning it, if they would at least pretend they didn’t know who I was.

But some of them will literally run up to tell me something. They have to let me know that they’re going to see grandma, beg me to chase their little sister, hug my legs like they’ve missed me for weeks, and, undoubtedly, smack my butt.

All without having even the smallest concern for what my name might be.

I’m starting to feel violated. Maybe I wouldn’t care so much if they weren’t beginning to be the only people I hang out with.

Every so often they do have to say something to get my attention. One girl has lovingly taken to the nickname, “Mustard Head.”

I will never give up!

Editor’s Note: No‘s last post for The Third City was Scrabble Madness. By the way, she’s not the only Third Cityite having name problems….

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