Jim Siergey: The Process

July 22nd, 2019

Time to wake up.

No response.


Still no response.

I said it’s time to wake up.


Wake up.

Wake. The. Fuck. Up.



Come on, all the way.




None of that. Let’s go!

Sputter, flutter, buffer, crackle, pop.

Finally, signs of life.

Blink, blink.

Yes? Yes?


barfly-mickey-rourke-900x0-c-defaultIt takes awhile to wake up, but once I do, I’m the life of the party…


Ah, you’re up.

User name, password, enter and…we have lift off!

My computer is as hard to get going in the morning as I am.

In computer age, it is pretty old. Actually, it’s probably pretty damn old for computers. I tend to squeeze as much life as I can from machines, be they computers, cars or microwave ovens.

This computer is also of the desk top variety.  Do people use those any more? Have they gone or are they going the way of floppy discs, Zip Drives, CD’s and pencils?

It can get rather frustrating dealing with a slow to react, shuffling along computer. It’s kinda like aging parents. You have to try and be patient.

But this hunk of metal, plastic and fiber optic circuitry can certainly try my patience. I don’t know how many more “Not Responding” messages I can take. But I bet I’ll continue to take ‘em.

After all, I don’t respond all that well any more either.

It is said that over time people and their pets begin to look alike. I don’t have any pets but my computer does…ME!

We may not look alike but we do tend to feel alike, creaking and squeaking along with an occasional reboot in the ass.


Editor’s note: Jim’s last post for The Third City was Mad Love


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