Jim Siergey: Dreamy Thanksgiving

December 4th, 2019

Nobody wants to hear about somebody else’s dreams but…it was Thanksgiving morning when I had this dream so that sorta makes it special.

It took place in an old wooden building. The wood was well worn like an old barn but it had several levels. I was coming down a rickety old staircase and when I came to the landing I saw someone down below.

He was crouching over and locking a tall door. The door had three hasps with locks, one at the top, the middle and the bottom where this suit-clad figure was crouching and affixing the final lock.

I called out to him and said, “I bet you thought you’d be the last to leave, didn’t you?”

He turned to look at me and I saw that it was Barack Obama.

He smiled at me, arose and came over. We shook hands and I told him how appreciative I was of what he had said and done.


He was in my dreams…


I began to wonder where I was. Was this a school? Had Obama been a teacher of whom I was appreciative or was I telling him how appreciative and proud I was of his service to the country? And that door he was locking up…was that the door to the world that we once knew?

Pretty heavy, huh?

He then asked me what I was going to do now. I said that, as usual, I had no idea or direction. I knew that I wasn’t good at school stuff so that was likely out of the equation. He then asked if I had thought about therapy.

I wasn’t sure if he meant I should study becoming a therapist or that I should see one. As if in response to my wondering he said that he was friends with a very good one and he could give me his card if I was interested.

We descended another set of old wooden stairs in silence and when we came upon an open window I stopped to look out of it.

I wanted to see if my wife was out there. There were a lot of people milling about on the grassy expanse but I was able to spot my wife. She was clad in a purple blouse and she was looking up at me. I turned to say my final good-byes to Obama. I even had my hand extended for a farewell handshake.

But he wasn’t there.

He was down below making his exit through an odd-looking triangular door. I rushed down but it closed before I reached it. I tried but I could not open it. I even put my shoulder into it but it wouldn’t give.

I banged against it a few more times but unlike every movie or TV show I’ve seen, not a hinge would loosen. I finally stopped and in my peripheral vision I saw someone sticking their head inside from the edge of the wall. That’s when I realized that the entire wall was just a façade.

The fellow came around from outside and opened the door for me. I stepped out into the outside world with all of the other people and began to search for my wife.

That was when I awoke and found my wife sleeping beside me.

As I sit here now, I wonder if I should have taken that card with the therapist’s name upon it?


Editor’s note: Jim’s last post for The Third City was Almost & Never

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