Jim Siergey: Confession Time

February 26th, 2019

Okay, I’m dropping my freak flag and admitting my squaredom. I don’t know a thing about Queen or the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

I know that a band called Queen existed but have no familiarity with it. I thought it was a band from the ‘90s.

Boy, was I wrong.

I just looked them up on the computer and Wikipedia says the band formed in 1970 (!)… but they didn’t chart (in the UK) until 1974. Whew.

I typed that expression of relief because it explains why they passed me by.

By 1974 I had soured on modern rock music. It had become overblown and boring, for my tastes anyway. My musical listening pleasures turned to jazz, classical and country. Don’t scoff,there was some good country music being played back then.

I had a long commute to and from the job I had and my car radio was my companion. There were two, yes, two classical musical stations and a jazz station and, over on AM there was WJJD which played Willie and Waylon and Dolly and Loretta, to name a few who don’t need their surnames mentioned in order to be recognized.

FreddiemercuryFreddie, the great…


Rock music had taken a seat way in the back. Oh sure, I was cognizant of what was being played on the radio but I barely paid any attention to it. I was re-awakened to rock in the 1980s by the likes of Elvis Costello, The Police and Warren Zevon.

But, Queen? They weren’t on my radar.

In fact, I didn’t believe that I had ever heard the song that the new Oscar-nominated bio-pic was named after, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. So I looked it up today on YouTube.

I was right. I had never heard it except for that Mama Mia part, which I have only heard referenced in various places, TV commercials and such. As for the song itself, it seemed to me that it was at least parts of three different songs thrown together into one.

Sometimes that works. It depends on the listener, of course, and to the ears of this listener it seemed like a mish-mosh.  In fact, I had to force myself to listen all the way to the end. I was hoping something great would happen.

Nothing ever did. I didn’t get it. Maybe I “had to be there”.

Hey, at least give me credit for trying. That Arena Rock stuff never did anything for me then and apparently it still doesn’t. Overblown ain’t my bag, man.

That all said, it’s unlikely that I will give the movie a glance. Heck, I still haven’t seen “Tommy”, the Who rock opera directed by Ken Russell. Talk about overblown.

So, that’s my confession. I’ll pick up my freak flag now and go ho—Hey!  Who spray painted a L7 on my freak flag!??


Editor’s note: Jim’s last post for The Third City was Tick & Tock


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