Grabowski: Hey, Bebe Girl….

June 26th, 2012

Date: July 20, 2007 5:54:39 AM CDT

Subject: LGA

Hey, bebe girl. Good morning. I just wanted to relay a funny story.

I took side streets from Queens to the airport from 37th and College down to Roosevelt westbound to 108th, up to Astoria Blvd, over to 94th and in.

It started to smell like garbage, plus my car rental papers on the front seat next to me, where you should have been sitting, were blowing about, so I rolled up the windows as I passed by the new Mets stadium.

It was 5:35AM when I arrived at National Car Rental to return my Pontiac Grand Prix with IL plates and a Chicago city sticker. There were about 8 people on the shuttle to the terminals. And this driver was gunning it, which was much appreciated by all.

Security and all that was no big deal. And I actually got there with enough time for breakfast, so to Au Bon Pain I went – a banana, water and sesame bagel that I toasted myself after using the bagel slicer which worked pretty well.

I sat by my gate eating the bagel, with the small plastic container of cream cheese balanced on my right knee.

We are about ready to take off, so I will continue this story in air and send it when I land.

The flight took off from NYC….



Date: July 20, 2007 7:57:45 AM CDT

Subject: Sky

By now you may have read the first chapter of today’s story, aptly entitled “LGA” for that is where I was when I wrote it.

You may have guessed that, based on the title “sky” of the second and final email depicting the first 4 waking hours of my day today, is that as I write this, I am airborne on my flight from LGA to ATL. And when you receive this, then my aeroplane has landed in ATL.

So, there I was, dining on my bagel at La Guardia. A couple of sesame seeds fell to my pants and to my seat, but not as many as you would think. I would have anticipated many more sesame seeds falling.

Across from me was a thinning-haired 35-year-old man reading the new Harry Potter book intently. It was a hardcover. He was dressed in a high-end, army-green shirt and similar-toned green dress slacks. And sandals, I think.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing army about him. He did have a goatee and his hair was dark if that helps.

He moved the book about every so often, from close to his face to far from his face. But the important thing for you to know about this man is that he was so focused on his book, like you sometimes focus on a Dateline segment about hikers who get lost.

The lady wouldn’t stop talking….


Sitting next to him was a similar-aged woman, sitting with her back turned to him.

She was listening to the woman in the seat next to her talk. About everything. I mean this lady didn’t stop for the whole 20 min it took me to eat my bagel and banana! She was going on and on about her friend the teacher and this and that and pretty much nothing. I gathered that the 2 ladies did not know each other prior. The quiet one just kept nodding, and would laugh every once in awhile, etc.

Now, the turning point of the story, if I can be so bold as to alert you that it was coming.

The man put his book down and flipped open the computer bag of his black carry-on bag to access a zipper compartment. This part of his bag was caked on with long white dog hair.

He then gave a short smile and nodded his head up and down at the lady talking, as if he agreed with what she was saying at that moment. It was also a nod that said “Yes, I understand EVERYTHING you have been saying!”

The man then put his hand on the quiet woman, who was wearing a similar-colored green t-shirt as his shirt. She turned to him and it appeared they were married.

I feel sorry for the poor kid in the middle seat in the row ahead of me, since he is sitting next to the talker and she still has not shut up.

Thankfully it wasn’t me in that seat.

Thankfully the kid next to me is skinny.

And praise Allah that the plane took off on time, as they were forecasting storms on par with the storms that cancelled my flight yesterday.

Hopefully, if you have read up to this point, depending on what time it is, your day isn’t too busy that would prevent you from reading a lil’ nonfiction.

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