Rolando: The Copenhagen Scarf

October 14th, 2017

–What’s that? What’s that guy doing over there with that thing around his neck?

–What’d you mean? He’s wearing a scarf.

–I know he’s wearing a scarf. It’s 60 degrees out today. Why’s he wearing a scarf?

–Maybe he’s cold.

–He’s a Dane, it’s early October. And it’s warm. How cold can his neck be?

–Not that cold. I’m sure it’s a style thing.

–He’s wearing a dress suit, just a suit, no jacket. That’s stylish, but the scarf?

–Alright, so the guy is wearing a scarf, and it’s 60 degrees out. Who cares?

–I don’t. My neck is free and cool and enjoying life.

–Yeah, so forget about the guy.

–Forgotten…. Copenhagen is beautiful this time of year.

–As opposed to the other times of year we’ve never visited?

–I thought it would be colder.

–It’s nice out.

–This is nice. Want to stop for a coffee?



–Ok. I’ll run to the bathroom.

–I’ll grab the drinks, and i’ll wait for you outside on the patio.


–You find the bathroom ok?

–Yeah, it was just down stairs.

–Ok, well, just in the few minutes since I’ve sat outside waiting for you, four dudes, not wearing jackets, all wearing scarfs.

–Jesus, the scarf thing again?

–Is it a thing up here?

–Yes, apparently it is!

–Well, why don’t I have a scarf?

–You want a scarf?

–Not really. I’m not particularly cold.

–So why do you give a shit about Danish dudes wearing scarfs?

–I don’t.

–Clearly you do.

–Maybe I do.

–Well next chance we get, we’re getting you one.

–I just don’t understand .

–You don’t have to. You’ll have your scarf, and you’ll blend in.


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