No Blaise: Home Improvements

March 12th, 2017

I’m sorry I’m posting so late, but I’ve been very busy today doing very important things. These important things included, but weren’t limited to, stressing out about getting my lesson plan done, buying things to organize the basement, eating potbelly’s, and continuing to stress out about getting my lesson plans done.

Guess what still isn’t done?

Though my lessons still need to be planned, Jimmy and I did make a dent in our houses “transform the basement from the land of lost laundry into a usable work space” goal. In fact, I’m writing this post from the little workspace we created. Yes, I’m staring at a large pile of clothes I still need to wash and put away. But I’m staring at it from my workspace rather than avoiding eye contact with it as I shuffle quickly to the bathroom or up the stairs.

Speaking of shuffling quickly around the basement, we got a space heater too. So instead of the basement aka my bedroom being an ice cold torture chamber, it now is being kept at a nice toasty temperature that allows me to keep the feeling in my toes while I’m down there.

Another success today was my pulling all the clothes I had piled on the basement couches and putting them into a very large hamper. AKA moving them from one area of the basement to another, but I’m giving myself credit for this because putting them in a hamper means that someday, hopefully soon, I’ll be putting them into the washing machine. And that is something.

I also graded some papers this morning. This was after almost punching a kid in the face at Starbucks because she was holding up the line by asking the barista for a “pup cup” over and over. A pup cup, for those of you also may not have known what that was until today, is a small cup with some whipped cream in it for your dog. So, this child insisted that her dogs need were more important than the many under-caffeinated adults behind her in line. As a person who often puts her dogs needs before all others, not even I could get down with this girls requests. I won’t even mention that they made my green tea latte with soy milk instead of almond. That’s an entire post in itself.

So, today think of me as a warrior. A woman who, even though she was served the wrong alt-milk in her morning latte, was still able to be as cranky as a toddler who needs a nap and follow her boyfriend around on errands while telling him what she wanted him to buy for her basement.

Home improved. Attitude almost improved.

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