No Blaise: Budget Unfriendly

May 8th, 2017

I am officially labeling my lifestyle as Budget Unfriendly. I literally cannot stop spending money. After I write this post, I’m probably going to google something I’ve convinced myself I need and I’m going to buy it. Last week I bought Pantone postcards because I saw them at Gina’s wedding shower and decided that I needed them because I liked the way they looked. That is literally the only reason I bought them.

At time of purchase, I convinced myself they’d be perfect for a classroom project. Rather than researching whether or not there were any good classroom things to do with these post cards, I went ahead and bought them. Then when I did the research for how to utilize these postcards in this wonderful classroom project, I realized that not even google had any idea what I could do with these postcards in my classroom. Now I’m working on convincing myself that I’m going to start sending mail to people, and these postcards are such an excellent start. Thank goodness I bought them.

Speaking of Gina’s wedding, I have taken my best friend getting married as an opportunity to buy all and every thing. Her bachelorette party is in a few weeks and I have of course put myself in charge of finding all things bachelorette, and then buying all things bachelorette. When I say all things, I mean all things. I won’t include the details in this blog as to keep it a nice surprise for Gina, but just think of a normal amount of things that people buy for bachelorette parties and then quadruple it to give yourself an idea of how much stuff I have bought.

Before we’re away from the topic of Gina, I should mention that Anika and I spent the day shopping and on our mission was a dress for Gina’s wedding. Today I got that dress, and the shoes to go with it. And a dress to just “wear in Costa Rica”, and I saw many other things that I could convince myself I need for this wedding.

Moving from through my best friends, I was talking to Hannah yesterday and she was telling me about how she has a budget now. I very much need to follow her lead. I need to not order something from the some website on a daily basis, and I need to not buy starbucks very very often. Hannah was telling me all about how she has been watching her spending very closely and working on what she buys when. I responded to her very wise words about money management with a picture of a pair of shoes I wanted to buy so I could ask her opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that budgets are important when trying to a a financially secure adult. When they become unimportant is when I get a really good idea for something to buy and then pretty much just buy it.

I’ve got a long way to go.

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