Randolph Street: Occupy LaSalle Street

October 28th, 2011

LaSalle & Jackson–Chicago


These images were taken Monday afternoon and evening where LaSalle Street deadends into Jackson Boulavard downtown.   On one corner is the Federal Reserve Bank, on another is the Bank of America and on the south lies the Chicago Board of Trade.  There was much general merriment and giving of fives.

















All photos © Jon Randolph 2011

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      It was worth losing the sleep.

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    • greggallmanandcher

      Greg Allman on ‘gluten-free diet’, says, `It beats the cocaine and whiskey I lived on for 45 years!’

    • The National Rifle Association, because…


      Despite the almost weekly massacres of Americans by deranged gunmen, the NRA refuses to even consider any sort of gun control. How many more people have to die before the NRA comes to its senses. Nice going, Dumbasses!

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