Benny Jay: Hey, Republicans–If You Like Russia So Much, Why Don’t You Move There?

February 16th, 2017

For several days, I’ve been bombarded with bellyaching from frantic Republicans, chastising me for not blaming liberals for the downfall of Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor, who recently stepped down after all of 24 days in office.

Got to credit Republicans for this–they’re devious little fuckers. They’re trying to devise a way to blame the people least responsible for the cluster fuck of the president they just elected.

Hey, man, don’t blame me for Trump’s fuck ups. I told you not to vote for him.

In particular, they’re crying like babies cause liberals aren’t upset that the FBI was spying on Flynn.

It’s like the Republicans woke up to learn that the feds spy on Americans!

This falls into the category of what goes around comes around. Where was this Republican outrage when J. Edgar Hoover was bugging Martin Luther King’s bedrooms?

Technically, I’m not sure the FBI was even spying on Flynn so much as they were spying on the Russian ambassador with whom Flynn was conversing.

I hope Republicans aren’t really surprised to discover that spies spy on spies. Fellas–that’s why they call `em spies.

By chance, I just read A Spy Among Friends, Ben Macintyre’s fascinating book about Kim Philby. In that case, the inimitable Mr. Philby was spying on the CIA and M5 for the KGB while pretending to spy on the KGB for the CIA and M5.

Even now there’re Russian spooks who suspect Philby was actually a double agent, feeding them false information on behalf of the Brits.

So it’s not like this spying thing started with Obama.

While spying on the Russians, the FBI discovered Flynn was telling the Russian Ambassador that Trump probably wasn’t going to continue Obama’s sanctions. So don’t sweat them.

The feds then told Trump that Flynn was sharing info with the Russians. And what did Trump do? Nothing. He brought Flynn into the White House anyway.


Don’t blame me for these two…


So the FBI did what they generally do when they can’t get the president to do what they want. They leaked to the press. Now the Republicans are acting shocked to have discovered–Oh, my God, spies leak to reporters?

Guess they weren’t paying attention when President Bush’s spies were feeding bullshit to the New York Times to gin up support for the invasion of Iraq?

Actually, the feds did Trump a favor by giving him an excuse to fire a security advisor dumb enough to think he could talk to the Russian ambassador without the FBI eavesdropping.

Remember, all of this started when Putin’s hackers hacked into Hillary’s computers. In fact, many of the same outraged Republicans were the ones gleefully posting these illegally filched Democratic emails on their Facebook pages. As Trump called on Putin to hack some more: “I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

Remember that quote from candidate Trump?

So, this is how Republicans view the world. It’s bad for Americans to eavesdrop on Russians, but it’s good for Russians to spy on Americans. Up is down with these dudes.

Hey, Republicans, if you don’t like it here, go to Russia.

Or how did you put it in the `60s? Oh, yeah–America, love it or leave it!

Oh, sweet payback. I’ve waited my whole life to use that line on Republicans.

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