Benny Jay: Don’t Fall For It

September 13th, 2020

We’ve officially reached that point in the Trump era where I can say the country’s never sunk so low. At least not in my lifetime—and I lived through Nixon.

Apparently, the Republicans have taken the position that Kenosha police officers were justified for shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back because, well, it’s always the Black person’s fault when they’re shot by police. Even if it’s not.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are glorifying Kyle Rittenhouse for killing two protesters and injuring a third on the grounds that those bastards must have had it coming and Rittenhouse is a patriot who was trying to preserve law and order.

As opposed to a twisted young man with Rambo-like delusions, who never should have been allowed to carry a high-powered rifle in the first place.

Clearly, the Republican Party’s position on Black lives is they don’t matter. Unless they’re one of the few Black people who love Trump—in which case, put them on TV!

Although how much even those Black lives matter . . .

Consider the case of Herman Cain, who died of COVID-19 a few weeks after attending Trump’s rally in Tulsa, where he sat shoulder to shoulder with his friends (not a mask in sight) as though to prove that Trump was right and the virus is a hoax.

As far as I can tell, Trump’s attitude toward Herman Cain is that he never existed, even if Cain essentially gave up his life for the Trump cause.

Proving once again that Michael Cohen was correct when he said Trump doesn’t care about anyone other than himself. And maybe Ivanka.

For weeks, I’ve been predicting Joe Biden will win because I can’t believe a country as civilized as ours could elect such a lunatic—again! Even with our nutty Electoral College in which the loser gets to win.

But I’m feeling a little shaky about my Biden prediction as I watch Trump fire up his Hate Machine, hoping to spark a race riot that will frighten white people into voting for him.

Don’t fall for it, white people!

In the meantime, enjoy this video in which Steve Buscemi gives Biden a backhanded endorsement. Sometimes it helps to laugh.

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