Benny Jay: Code Source

September 26th, 2019

As part of my mission to keep you up to date with all the hot new movies, I go see Source Code.

That’s the flick where Jake Gyllenhaal plays this Air Force pilot who gets blown up in Afghanistan and stays alive because this demented scientist hooks him up to some sort of thingamijigga that enables him to go back in time and keep people from dying.

Hold on, my wife’s calling from downstairs….

What’s that?

You mean, the movie’s not new?

Been out for over a month? Oops, sorry about that.

Oh, well — it’s just as well cause to tell you the truth it’s a real complicated movie and I didn’t really know what was going on in it anyway.

The biggest problem is that I’ve been distracted by the Bears. As you might know, they’re at the start of a highly anticipated season. middle of a playoff run. I’m pretty much too much time worrying about their kicker’s right knee.

I didn’t know what was going on in this movie….


Anyway, as you can imagine, it’s really hard to follow a movie — especially a complicated one — when you’re thinking about something else.

Plus, Source Code is one of those movies where you know what’s happening can’t really be happening so you just sort of have to go along with it just the same.

In this case, the bit about keeping the dead guy alive by hooking him to a machine so he can go back in time to save other people from dying — you know, that sort of shit just doesn’t happen every day.

I don’t mind having to suspend disbelief in the cause of watching a good flick. But I don’t want to suspend so much disbelief that I have trouble looking at myself come the morning.

Limitless was like that, by the way. That’s the one where Bradley Cooper plays this writer who takes this little red pill. Or maybe it was a blue pill.  Come to think of it, the pill’s color was of no significance to the movie.

The thing about the pill is that it made Cooper’s brain get bigger.

Bradley Cooper As Eddie Mora


Well, not bigger so much as better. Like he could use more of it. The premise of the movie is that at any given time we’re only using twenty percent of our brain but if we take this pill — which may or may not be red — we can use more of it.

And so once he gets to use all of his brain he goes from being a drunken writer — with a sink filled with dirty dishes — to an investment banker with no dirty dishes in his sink.

See, right there, I have trouble. I liked Cooper better as a drunken writer, with or without the dirty dishes. Not that I have anything against investment bankers.

At a key moment Cooper’s about to get killed by some bad guys. The problem is that the pills he had taken had worn off and so he’s back to only having twenty percent of his brain. But he saves himself by drinking the blood of a bad guy who had also taken the pill.

Are you following all of this?

And the pill spreads to him through the bad guy’s blood, so he’s able to kill the bad guy’s buddies, who are a bunch of big husky guys with cheesy Russian accents.

Then he winds up running for senator. Oh, like that’s better than being a drunken writer.

Wait a minute — I just gave away the whole movie.

Shit! I hate when that happens.

Whatever you do — don’t read what I just wrote! Oh, wait, you already did.

You know,  it’s hard to write about movies when all you’re thinking about is the the kicker’s knee.

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