Randolph Street: Lookin’ Good!

May 23rd, 2018

1DSCF1245 copyCouple–Uptown


2DSCF0952Woman in WhiteLakeview


3DSCF1282Rest–Art Institute


4DSCF1278Wait–Art Institute


5DSCF1247 copyCouple 2–Uptown


All photos © Jon Randolph 2016


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Randolph Street: Football Comes To Town

May 17th, 2018



Chicago hosts the NFL Draft in lieu of a Superbowl. These photos are from Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue.















All photos © Jon Randolph 2015


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Jim Siergey: A Farewell To Friends…And Food

May 17th, 2018

It’s tough to bid adieu to a house and neighborhood that has been our home for forty years but my wife and I are doing just that and being true Chicagoans we have, with friends, been doing a farewell tour to food.

It began with the Old Guys Going to Lunch. A quartet of us who have known each another for most of our lives (and I ain’t kidding when I say ‘most’, one guy I’ve known since the third grade and the others since high school), meet up once a month for lunch and sample the wares at various neighborhood eateries.

And we never got asked to leave once. There were times we deserved to, but age has its benefits.

So, so long, Danny’s Egghead, Savanna, Always Thai and others too innumerable to mention. Will you miss us?

I lunched with a couple of other pals at La Amistad Restaurant. The wife and I dined with two friends at Cho Sun Ok. (Goodbye, bibimbap.) We supped with dos amigas at Café Tapatio (where we downed one tapatio many margaritas). Adios, enchiladas de platano en mole poblano.

No, check that.  Make it hasta luego, because we shall return. It’s not like we’re moving that far away.

Our new home is literally one step over the border onto Indiana soil. (Yes, we are going to be Hoosiers.  But, before you scoff, remember Kurt Vonnegut, David Letterman and Larry Bird all hailed from Hoosier Land) One could sneeze and the spray would waft all the way into Illinois. We’re only a 45 minute drive from Chicago. Depending, of course, on the time and day you choose to travel, air currents, wind velocity and the dreaded lake effect.


As a great Hoosier once said–so it goes…


During our short stay here in Hoosierville we Chicago expatriates have discovered some pretty good eats.

Casa del Mar is a very good Mexican restaurant that we have eaten at several times already. We stumbled across Sophia’s, an old-fashioned breakfast and lunch eatery where, despite the menu saying two eggs, you always get four.

We also happened upon Miner-Dunn, a burger (and more) joint that has been in business for 86 years. Despite the obvious punmanship of the name, those were the actual last names of the founders!  Let me not be remiss in mentioning that they also serve home made pies!

I’m a sucker for pie.

Speaking of pie, I don’t know if there will be any pizza here that will come close to Lou Malnati’s. Loooooooouuu!!! We’ll miss you.

We’ll also miss the lakefront, the theatre, the museums, the neighborhoods…

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

I sure won’t miss those damn Parking Pay Boxes. (May Richie roast in Hell for that move) Good bye and good riddance to them and hello to Indiana drivers who, when making turns, will invariably turn into the farthest instead of the nearest lane.

I’ve been keeping a mental tally of that and so far, 97% of Hoosier drivers execute that incorrect maneuver. I don’t know if I can ever get used to it. Do they not have Rules of the Road in Indiana?

Yep, I’m a regular Milo Hamilton behind the wheel, constantly commenting, critiquing and correcting the driving habits of everyone else on the road. Heck, it’s not that difficult to attain driving perfection.  I did it.


Despite making that left turn away from the subject of food, I’m beginning to feel a might peckish. I could use a little snack. I think I’ll take a drive down to one of this town’s most popular places…Munster Donuts!

Bon appetit, folks, and while living your life, wherever you choose to live it, try to remember the words of Warren Zevon and “Enjoy every sandwich.”


Editor’s note: Jim’s last post for The Third City was This Old House…


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Randolph Street: In Bloom

May 9th, 2018

1DSCF0276Sum & Substance Hosta


These photos are from my sister’s garden. There is a green that Spring is.


2DSCF0296Olive Baily Langdom Hosta & Missouri Evening Primrose


3DSCF0308Ghost Lady Fern


DSCF0292Yellow Wax Bell


DSCF0305Angelique Tulip Buds


All photos © Jon Randolph


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Randolph Street: Faces In The Crowd

May 4th, 2018


StoneworkerMorton Grove









Stoneworker–Morton Grove








Architectural Malpractice


To Be Blunt


All photos © Jon Randolph 2013


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Randolph Street: Book World

May 2nd, 2018


El Ateneo Bookstore–Buenos Aries, Argentina


It was originally built as a theatre for live performance in 1919. By the late 20’s it had turned into movie house. In 2000 it was restored and converted into the El Ateneo bookstore complete with a cafe on the original stage. Quiet as a church.












All photos © Jon Randolph 2014


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Randolph Street: Just Folks

April 25th, 2018


Pete Seeger–1978



Leonard Cohen & Judy Collins–1976


3John Prine

John Prine–1980



BB King at Cook County Jail–1971



Pete Seeger–1978


All photos © Jon Randolph


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