—by admin on November 13th, 2010

Aside from being fabulously wealthy, one of the great things about being website moguls is we get to post great stuff in Guest Bloggers.

Here’s just a few of our Regulars:

Grabowski: The man has been all over the world — including the southwest side of Chicago — and he’s seen it all….

Jim Siergey:  Wonderful illustrator and spinner of curmudgeonly yarns. Among Jim’s claim to fame is that he has good aim from long distances….

No Blaise: So young to be so sardonic, No Blaise is her generation’s Dorothy Parker — minus the martinis, of course….

Patrick Murfin:  He was there for the epic battles of the 1960s and now he’s telling you how it really went down….

Sharday Cage: One of the great young poets in Chicago, Sharday’s also an excellent playwright. When she’s not writing her poems and plays,  she’s answering Benny Jay’s questions about current-day music….

Sol.: When he’s not writing for The Third City, Sol. works in the Emergency Room of a Chicago-area hospital. His epic tales from the E.R. will one day be in a book and then a movie, starring somebody really cool in the role of Sol.

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  • Guest Blogger:

    • D-List Celebrity Impersonators: Do you want a famous personality to entertain at your next party but can’t afford Elvis or Streisand? If so, call today, and, for only $19.99, we’ll provide the next best thing. Get your choice of Wolf Blitzer, Maury Povich or Rich Mahorn. Tito Jackson look-a-likes still available.


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    • The Third City gives a shoutout to Friends of the Parks, for chasing the Lucas Museum off of the lakefront.

      chicagolakefront2“Forever open, clear and free!”

    • The Third City recently learned Donald Trump has a 77 percent disapproval rating among Latinos. Which begs the question: What the fuck is wrong with the other 23 percent?

    • beaverandmom

      High school student charged with exposing himself in yearbook photo, Wally Cleaver says, `Looks like Beaver’s been drinking again!’

    • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, because…

      Scott Walker :: Republican Clown Sweater

      He’s charging suckers $45 to buy a t-shirt with his ugly mug on it to pay off losing presidential campaign debt. And he says he won’t rule out serving as Trump’s VP. That’s doubling down on his arrogance and stupidity. As TTC reader Jeanne from Sheboygan says, “Nice going, Dumbass!”

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