Who Is Big Mike?

—by admin on August 3rd, 2009

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Michael G. Glab has been a writer, for better or for worse, for more than a quarter of a century.

His work as a journalist has appeared in the Chicago Reader, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago magazine (notice a trend here?), New City, the Pulitzer-Lerner Newspapers, the publications of the National Safety Council and many, many more. He has covered City Hall, the police beat, real estate development, the public schools and more. He’s most proud of his series of in-depth feature profiles of Chicago artists, broadcasters, professional athletes and other colorful characters.

Big Mike has written the book, “Coping with the Cubs,” a memoir of clinical depression and fandom. He has ghostwritten “The Big Book of Green Design,” a guide to Earth-friendly practices for the marketing and advertising industry. He has co-written the comedy screenplay, “The Made Man,” with the incomparable Sidney T. Feldman. Now he’s working on a novel about race, family, and the Mob in Chicago in the late 1960s and early ’70s. It’s called “Black Comedy.”

He called Chicago home for 51 years, then struck out for Louisville, Kentucky, in 2007. After two and a half years in the River City, Big Mike now lives in Bloomington, Indiana. He still considers Chicago home in his heart. He misses good pizza, Wrigley Field, Lawrence’s Fisheries, the Matchbox (where he met The Loved One) and the Field Museum. He doesn’t miss gridlock and crappy weather.

Links to some of Big Mike’s work:

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Read the articles or buy the book now. Come on – you can do it!

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